New CDRH Learnings, Small Business Conference, New CDRH Advisory Committee, CDER Workshop – Drug and Device Digest

CDRH Learn

CDRH Learn

  • Innovative multimedia catalog of medical device laws, regulations, and policies
  •  80 educational modules.

Regulatory Education for Industry (REdI) Conference

Redi Conf

CDRH Patient Engagement & New Advisory Committee

new AC

  • New CDRH advisory committee focused on patient engagement –  complex issues relating to medical devices, the regulation of devices, and their use by patients
  • To consider patient perspectives in CDRH regulatory decision-making

Coalition Against Major Diseases (CAMD)  Workshop :  Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases

major diseases workshop

  • Understand accomplishments of CAMD scientific projects
  • Application of tools to drug development
  • Sharing information/data on tools

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