Wearable, Noninvasive Devices for Parkinsons Disease – Drug and Device Digest

Device Sponsor Summary
Fall Detection SystemsD1 Phillips, GreatCall, etc. • Detect a fall

• Connect to Certified Response Agent

mPower AppD2 Sage Bionetworks, Unv. of Rochester, MJFRF • Track symptoms using memory game, finger tapping, speaking, walking

• Collect data from wearable device

Non-Invasive Galvanic Vestibular StimulatorD3 Unv. of Gothenburg, Sweden, collaboration with NASA • Target loss of motor control, tremors, stiffness

• Electrically stimulates vestibular system to improve balance

• Tested in both medicated and un-medicated patients; greater effect in un-medicated patients

BalanceWear® BW300D4 Motion Therapeutics, Inc., CA • Balance-Based Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Strategic Weighting Full Torso Device

• Flexible weights placed in garment based on Body Chart Weight Locator

• Improve the balance and stability

Mobile App


Roche •  Continuous measurement of disease fluctuation

•  Objective measures and realtime monitoring of Tx response by HCP

STIMbandD6 Johns Hopkins Unv. •3D printed device with electrodes, fits over a patient’s head

•Apply electrical stimulation to ease symptoms

Personal Kinetigraph (FDA cleared)D8 Global Kinetics Corporation • Collects data on movement

• Reminds patient to register levodopa ingestion

• Info sent to Physician; MAY lead to treatment decisions

CalibraceD10 AbiliLife • Increases postural stability by realigning shoulder and spine

• Functional, breathable, light; may prevent falls

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