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The loss of dopamine-producing cells in the brain is an underlying issue in Parkinson’s disease.

Currently approved or in R&D medicines for Parkinson’s disease treat the symptoms of the disease, such as mobility problems and tremors, but do not replace lost nerve cells or halt the progression of the disease itself.

Several drugs in development are disease-modifying therapies focused on protecting brain cells in an attempt to halt disease progression, or treatments aimed at generating new cells or repairing damaged nerve cells.

Product Name Sponsor Indication Development Phase*

gene therapy


Cambridge, MA

University of California San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

Voyager Therapeutics

Cambridge, MA

Parkinson’s disease Phase I


levodopa/carbidopa intestinal gel



North Chicago, IL

advanced Parkinson’s disease

(Fast Track)

application submitted


gene therapy


Amsterdam, Netherlands

University of California San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

Parkinson’s disease Phase I



Acorda Therapeutics

Ardsley, NY

University of Miami

Miami, FL

Parkinson’s disease

(improve gait)

Phase I/II


(PDE4 inhibitor

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for

Parkinson’s Research

New York, NY

Sano_ US

Bridgewater, NJ

Parkinson’s disease Phase I


(myeloper-oxidase [MPO]



Wilmington, DE

Parkinson’s disease Phase II

BIA 9-1067



Coronado, Portugal

Parkinson’s disease Phase I completed


levodopa continuous infusion



Piedmont, CA

Parkinson’s disease Phase I

GM608 Genervon Biopharmaceuticals

Pasadena, CA

Parkinson’s disease Phase II


(MOA-B inhibitor

Dart NeuroScience

San Diego, CA

Parkinson’s disease Phase I

IPX203 Impax Pharmaceuticals Hayward, CA Parkinson’s disease Phase II
istradefylline (KW-6002) Kyowa Hakko Kirin Pharma Princeton, NJ severe Parkinson’s disease Phase III
levodopa inhalation (CVT-301) Civitas Therapeutics Chelsea, MA Parkinson’s disease (adjunctive therapy) Phase II
LY03003 (rotigotine extended-release microsphere formulation) Luye America Pharmaceuticals Princeton, NJ Parkinson’s disease (early-stage disease) Phase I
OS-320 (levodopa/carbidopa) Osmotica Pharmaceutical Wilmington, NC Parkinson’s disease Phase III
P2B001 (pramipexole/rasagiline ­ xed-dose combination) Pharma Two B Rehovot, Israel Parkinson’s disease (early-stage disease) Phase II
Phosphen® R-phenserine QR Pharma Berwyn, PA Parkinson’s disease Phase II
Rytary™ levodopa/carbidopa extended release Impax Pharmaceuticals Hayward, CA idiopathic Parkinson’s disease application submitted
safinamide Newron Pharmaceuticals Bresso, Italy early-stage Parkinson’s disease (adjunctive therapy)

——————————— late-stage and mid-stage Parkinson’s disease (adjunctive therapy)

Phase III

———————————— Phase III

tozadenant (SYN-115) Biotie Therapies South San Francisco, CA UCB Brussels, Belgium Parkinson’s disease (adjunctive therapy) Phase II/III
V81444 Vernalis Winnersh, United Kingdom Parkinson’s disease Phase I/II
vatiquinone Edison Pharmaceuticals Mountain View, CA Parkinson’s disease Phase II
XP21279 XenoPort Santa Clara, CA Parkinson’s disease Phase II
Florbenazine (18F-AV-133) Eli Lilly Indianapolis, IN Parkinson’s disease (diagnosis) Phase II


(123-I labeled imaging agent)

Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Dublin, OH Parkinsonian disorders (diagnosis) Phase III
NuroPro® neurotrophic factor companion diagnostic Amarantus BioScience San Francisco, CA Parkinson’s disease (diagnosis) Phase I
Parkinson’s Disease—Related Conditions
ADS-5102 (amantadine controlled release) Adamas Pharmaceuticals Emeryville, CA levodopa-induced dyskinesia Phase II/III
AQW051 (alpha7 nicotinic receptor) Novartis Pharmaceuticals East Hanover, NJ Levodopa-induced dyskinesia Phase II completed
AVP-923 (dextromethorphan/quinidine) Avanir Pharmaceuticals Aliso Viejo, CA Levodopa-induced dyskinesia Phase II

camicinal (motilin receptor agonist) GlaxoSmithKline , PA gastroparesis in Parkinson’s disease Phase II
dipraglurant-IR (ADX48621) Addex Therapeutics Geneva, Switzerland Levodopa-induced dyskinesia Phase II
eltoprazine Amarantus BioScience San Francisco, CA Levodopa-induced dyskinesia Phase II

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